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Why the Mash is too Thick During Mashing?

Apr. 28, 2020

As a Beer Filtration Unit Factory, share with you. Throughout the real brewing, you might noted that often the mash would be as well thick to increase temperature, particularly when the temperature level being raised to greater level, saying at 85 ~ 90 ℃. That might will certainly influence the mashing result.

Beer Inliner Tank

Beer Inliner Tank

The reason for this issue might be as below:

① The accessory ingredient milling is not being managed effectively. Excessive big solids being created that could not have an entirely gelatinization inside the starch granule. It can not be proceed by the liquifying enzyme, so the mash viscosity can not be decreased down.

② The poor high quality malt with bad liquifying ability. Or the rate of malt is not being raised, while the Alpha-amylase preparation with lower task.

③ The rate of malt to water is not sensible. The grain cooker with much less water which created a thick mash.

④ A faster heating speed or much shorter temperature keeping time when making use of malt as Liquefied enzyme source. It minimized the procedure of water absorption as well as swelling of starch; and also shorten the efficient acting time of the enzyme.

⑤ Liquefaction enzymes were not used as recommended.

As well as some approaches could be embraced when got a thick mash:

① When learning the thick mash or the hard temperature increasing throughout mashing, promptly including some high temperature resistant amylase, it would be half of the initial quantity.

② Adding some hot water with temperature surpass 80 ℃, increasing the ratio of material to water to 6:1 or even more and also enhancing the boiling time. Please do not add cold water that might trigger starch regression. The cereal mash should be cooled by mixing before incorporate the mash.

③ Including modest amount of food quality salt hydroxide fluid to have alkaline hydrolysis. Prior to incorporated the mash, the PH must be adjusted to 6.0 with phosphoric acid or lactic acid. This technique needs to be utilized extra meticulously, a tiny examination much better be done. That might will influence the beer flavour.

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