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Issues before deal

The most reasonable proposal should be worked out before making deal, so at the very beginning we talk with the clients, besides know the rough/basic requirement of the client, we will talk more on the actual production process, like the beer plato/gravity, ABV, material to be used, type of beer, hops amount using and other special request etc.

We will also share the information with the clients on the equipment spec, to make sure the equipment spec fits customers exact brewing requirement.

Final offer to be calculated as the final proposal. Another special items could be talked further also. Contract will be protective for both two parties.

Production process

After making deal with client, our engineering team will work out the detailed drawings, which includes the flow chart drawing, drawings for different tanks, layout, piping etc for confirmation with the client.

Meanwhile a manufacturing time agenda and “Project Management Scheme ” will be worked out for the production process will be sent to client to help arrange the local issues.

The production will start after clients confirming the designed flow chart drawing, singe tanks drawing etc, other drawings like layout, detailed fittings, piping etc could be done during production process, which shortened the delivery time.

The whole production process will be kept posted with client. From material preparation, polishing process, pressure/leakage testing, assembling work, container loading etc.

Transportation arrangement

The equipment packaging will be done by us, mainly use steel frame and wooden package, to make sure the equipment is suitable for long time shipment.

The installation will be delivered in regular containers, we will offer the most reasonable shipping cost for reference, if customers ask us to handle the transportation issue, we are pleased to do this to the destination port. Insurance could be covered.

One site Installation and commissioning

All required manuals, instructions, wiring diagrams and description can be provided with the installation. If the customer requires the documentation can also be provided prior to delivery of the installation for study and training purposes.

We are pleased to offer installation and commissioning services The installation works including: Basic brewery installation, brewery debugging work after installation, customers training and brewing the first batch of beer, testing brewing is done by both us and customer.

As the total delivery time, at the time of brewery equipment arrival in customers destination place, our engineering team will fly the there for the installation. All the preparation work like visa application etc will be done during shipment progress.

As the actual project capacity and configuration etc, we will confirm right engineers for the installation and the exact time for installation etc. The works include tanks orientation, piping connection, brewery testing, operation training and brew the first batch of beer.

Warranty and after sales service

Yucheng Zeyu Machinery Co. Ltd warrants full service and support over the life time of the equipment and the installation. Technical service is available on demand and – if requested – on site as well. Our customer oriented service department is dedicated and committed to offer quick and efficient services and responds to customer requests.

If we got request from previous or new clients, the reasonable solution will be worked out immediately, to keep the production continued.

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