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One step forward in 2022: Based on new developed ability, reputation and new cases increasing, we are still with good marketing promotion in 2022. With the new workshops construction starting, we will bring you more and more confidence on cooperation with us.

Totally new facility&management in 2021: Based on the new facility, we had the new training center setup, all the beer fans who has the dream of setting up their own brewery, come for test and develop your beer in our testing room, till you have the perfect solution for your own brewery setup.

Further explanation in 2020: A bigger step again for our development, as we had much bigger facility,which is 4 times bigger than the exist place. We have the new factory construction progressing, and the new factory was finally functional for more and bigger projects fulfilling.

Move to new and higher stage from 2019: We believe the reliable quality and good technology background always help to make the brewery perfect. From 2019, wherever you ask us for the brewery setup, our goal is helping you using a stable and convenient brewery, and you save more cost on material, energy consumption etc. We help you find the value and we will show you what kind of value behind our offer and solution.

Work for the next stage development in 2018: ZYBREW is holding the stable market share in China and other countries, meanwhile we focus more on the quality and company management, be prepared to move to bigger lands and make new workshop, office building, showing room, and testing center etc. Let us show your something different in the coming 2019.

Extending partnership in 2017: With bigger team of 55 people for production and management. ZYBREW got stable market share in Europe and US and more partnership with local companies in market. ZYBREW also opened a lot of virgin market and enlarged the market share. We attended CBC exhibition with US partner, and will be there in 2018. Will also be in Germany in 2018. A lot of innovation on brewery equipment production were worked out.

Further expanding in 2016: ZYBREW constructed new workshop to fit the requirement or further expanding. With more than 5500M2 production area and 40 people team for production and management. ZYBREW got very stable market in Europe, and main product changed to turnkey projects, also established long term partnership with other client for product representing.

Real development started from 2015: ZYBREW moved to the current place with bigger and more production area for expanding. With 3000M2 production area and 25 people  production team. We installed more and more turnkey projects and helping a lot of other clients for expanding.

Starting expanding in 2014: ZYBREW founded its own production line of 1200M2 in 2014. With 13 people production team, mainly supplying equipment for overseas clients. The equipment was expected to be at the higher level from the beginning.

Started from 2013: At October of 2013, With years of experience with brewing technology and production technology in other company, ZYBREW started from very beginning for brewery equipment trading and consulting service.

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