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2500L four vessels brewhouse

2500L four vessels brewhouse




General description:

Basic Configuration: 25HL mash tun+25HL lauter tun+25HL kettle + 25HL whirlpool tun.

 The design background is based on  beer plato of 14 of 25HL net volume.  

 The whole system can  realize full automation.

A four vessel brew house as the basic configuration(not includes HLT), which can guarantee 4-6 brews per day.

  1.   The mash liquid inlet to lauter tun is at bottom, just a little above the filter plate, the space below filter plate filled ith warm water to filter plate surface level, this lowers the oxygenation problem and keep good beer flavor. Mash liquid is pumping into lauter tun smoothly. 

  2. The steam condenser can be configured with boiling tank, for making the steam condensed inside building. There is a coil pipe install in the condenser unit for heating water during condensing process, the heated water to be transferred to HLT for new brew. 

  3.  The new piping work is more reasonable and convenient for normal brewing operation. The necessary piping and other stuff will be well prepared for the fully automatic production. 

  4.  All connections of the brewhouse using DIN connection. 

  5. All the pneumatic valves with limit switch for valve on/off feedback.  

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