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50HL 4 Vessel Brew House

50HL 4 Vessel Brew House


Capacity: 50HL

Model: ZY-BH-50HL

Material: AISI 304 SS/316 SS/ Copper

Heating method: Steam heating(Preferred)

Basic configuration:

Mash tun + lauter tun + kettle + whirlpool+ HLT (optional)

Mash tun: bottom stir, VFD, side and bottom steam jacket, separate control

Lauter tun: Bottom stir, VFD, wedge wire filter late, bottom grain out

Kettle: Steam jacket and internal heater

Whirlpool: Tangent wort inlet, flat bottom

Hot water tank with jacket or coil

Assorted with mash pump, wort pump, hot water pump, buffer tank, water blending unit, piping line and platform, heat exchanger etc.

Manual or automatic control, automatic temp control

With steam condenser or stack pipe.

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