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Traditional Three Vessel Brewhouse
  • Traditional Three Vessel Brewhouse
  • Traditional Three Vessel Brewhouse
  • Traditional Three Vessel Brewhouse
Traditional Three Vessel BrewhouseTraditional Three Vessel BrewhouseTraditional Three Vessel Brewhouse

Traditional Three Vessel Brewhouse


General description:

Capacity: 10HL 20HL 30HL 40HL Or 10BBL 15BBL 20BBL 30BBL or customized

Heating method: steam (recommended)

Efficiency: Max 6 Brews per day

The traditional three vessel brewhouse configuration is mash tun + lauter tun + kettle / whirlpool combined, or mash / boiling tank + lauter tun + whirlpool tank. Material used can be SUS 304 or 316

Brewhouse is designed and fabricated as the exact brewing process request from client and the local requirement. Tanks size designed as exact beer plato / gravity from client. The goal is helping client with easy brewing operation, making the whole brewhouse setup more suitable for right recipe , increasing the efficiency and lowering the energy cost etc.

Making a brewery is longer term operation, our wish is helping you find the value behind our price, and develop the balance between income and investments.

Basic configuration:

● Mash tun with bottom paddle type stir, bottom & steam jacket, separate control

● Lauter tun with bottom stir blade, counter washing and wort collect coil

● Kettle / whirlpool combined, with side and steam jacket, separate steam control for different batch size.

● Support fittings: double / single stage plate cooler, piping strainer, grist hydrator, wort sink etc

● Layout: All in line or tri angle

● Standard brewhouse platform or customized

● All pump & Stir with VFD

● With hot water tank configured for sparging and mashing in etc.

● Valves to be manual butterfly one or pneumatic

● Piping connection to be TC or DIN.

● Separate HLT to be configured for continuous brewing


● Higher wort wort extract

● Lower energy cost and material consumption

● Well adjusted temp and water blending unit for better grain and water mixing

● Higher efficiency steam jacket to increase heating efficiency and lower energy consumption

● Special tank and piping construction to avoid the wort aeration problem and decrease the material lost

● Special designed steam condensing unit, with both steam condensing and water heating function

● Brewhouse automation with possible upgrading.


Control: Semi Automatic or fully automatic

Copper cladding

Customers logo can be engraved

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