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30BBL Fermenter / Unitank

30BBL Fermenter / Unitank


Material: SUS 304 S/S

Volume: 30BBL effective, 40BBL total volume, 25% head space, without domed head space

Tank working pressure: 2bar

Jacket working pressure: 1bar

Polyurethane insulation, side and bottom insulated

Dimple plate cooling jacket

Cooling stage: cylinder and cone

Two temp control stage

Exterior: stain removed, and brightened on regular margin

Interior surface: Polished, and welding joint acid cleaned

Roughness: 0.4um

Domed top, 60 degree cone angle

4 pcs stainless steel leg, with adjustable leg bolt

Top fittings: CIP arm, spray ball, PVRV, manhole (top or side)

Side fittings: Glycol inlet/outlet, thermo well, sample port, manway (side or top)

Bottom fittings: Drain valve, beer outlet, carbonation unit (optional), thermo well

CIP arm including pressure gauge, pressure regulating valve

Dry hopping port on top(optional)

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