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1000L Brewery System Installed In Germany

Oct. 29, 2018

This is a 1000L Brewery System we installed in Germany ,the brewhouse unit is automatic with pneumatic valves.

1000L Micro brewery process is typically employed to breweries which are a lot more compact compared to large-scale company breweries and therefore are independently owned. Such breweries are usually characterized by their focus on taste and brewing procedure. We provide a Micro Brewery (miniature brewery) together with all the growth of 1000L (10 hl) into 5000L (50hl) each brew. The support includes: whole collection of microbrewery equipment, setup turn crucial, recipes and technologies of branded beers, personnel training and much more. Microbrewery comes full"turnkey" The functioning of your Micro Beer Brewing Equipment (Brewery and miniature brewery), if needed, can be raised later on.

ZYBREW is an integrated enterprise who is major in brewery industry and also other industry like distillery, winery etc. Welcome visit us.

1000L Brewery System

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