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The Complete System of Beer Equipment (B)

Jan. 13, 2020

This article introduces the saccharification system and the fermentation system, and their precautions.

Fifth, beer production equipment saccharification system:

1. when the filter is difficult, should loose the wheat layer, then start the stirrer, do not start mixing electrical appliances;

2. wort pump: can not open the valve smaller, feed too much, easy to burn the motor;

3. When heating, pay attention to the water to diffuse the heating tube or diffuse over the heating wall;

4. after the operation, we should clean up the appearance of the equipment, if the dirt are more, can not scrub with hard objects, so as not to damage the outer wall of the tank.

Sixth, the fermentation system:

1. when the cooling, can not quickly cool, causing the inner walls of ice; 

2. when the fermentation, pay attention to the fermentation tank pressure requirements, not overpressure operation;

3. the outer wall of the fermentation tank should be cleaned regularly;

4. instrument of the fermentation carry out maintenance once a year, to determine the normal instrument, avoid operational errors, damage to the beer house.

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