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10 Steps to Make Your Brewing Equipment Clean

Apr. 28, 2018

When beer brewery equipment is used for 10 days, it will produce a corresponding precipitation in the pipes, these precipitation will become turbid, taste will be changed, so we should clean timely.

1. The deployment of the cleaning solution: add 2kg caustic soda into the cleaning tank, then rushed to open with 55-65 degrees warm water, water was added to the cleaning tank 90% position.

2. Visual, hand touch beer equipment

3. Power and C02 form and the cylinder is working properly

4. Check the beer device fans whether operate normally.

5. Check the fan filter is clogged

6. Check beer equipment compressor is running normally.

7. Check the pumping motor whether operate normally.

8. Check the CO2 table whether stay in the range of normal pressure.

9. Check the equipment whether has leakage phenomenon.

10. Check the first wine of beer equipment whether leakage of wine, and working properly.

After these check, our beer equipment to clean as new, it can produce better texture of beer.

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