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What Does Beer Brewing Need to Prepare?

Jan. 13, 2020

Brewed beer are the majority of consumers, many people want to brew beer, then what does beer brewing need to prepare?

First, find a suitable place for wine making, generally micro brewery needs eight square meters to forty or fifty square meters;

Second, purchase a set of high-quality wine equipment, when we buy beer brewing equipment, we can refer to the price of a number of brand manufacturers, the price of small equipment are more affordable, is the best choice for personal brewing beer. Selected the main equipment, but also to buy some other ancillary equipment,  such as fermentation tank, brewing line is an essential element of brewing beer.

Third, prepare raw materials crushing system, the raw material comminution system includes the malt crushing and the auxiliary material crushing, the crushing method is divided into dry crushing and wet crushing.

Fourth, do not forget the brewing line. Beer brewing line includes beer brewing saccharification system.

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