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Home Brewed Beer Equipment- Preservation of Brewed Puree Beer

Jan. 11, 2020

Save the puree beer brewed by home brewed beer equipment need for some necessary conditions, according to the characteristics of beer to determine what specific conditions. We can introduce the brewed beer preservation method.

1.Beer brewed beer made by production equipment has strict preservation requirements, they are production time, product category and placed neatly first sterilized storage and then sales, must pay attention to not be placed in the cold storage for too long.

2.Raw beer has requirements on the temperature, the temperature in the cold storage must be appropriate, and can have a certain inhibitory effect.

3.Ventilation is also critical, if ventilation conditions are not good, may make our labels degenerate.

4.the original beer can not be placed directly on the open-air environment, in order to prevent sunshine and rain as much as possible direct sunlight.

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