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Raw Materials of Micro Beer Equipment Production

Nov. 28, 2017

There are more types of beer. In some food and beverage industry, we prefer to choose beer produced by micro beer equipment. On-site production can meet people's different needs. The production of different beers should be added to different malt, to highlight the typical characteristics. Now mainly introduce the choice of different beer malt.

5HL Fermenter

1.Black malt, used for brewing dark beer to increase beer color and coke bitter taste, the amount is the amount of feed 5% to 15%.

2.Coke malt, coke malt has light and dark color. For the color in the 40 ~ 140EBC, which is used for the manufacture of medium-density beer, can enhance the mellow beer, the amount of coke malt is 3% ~ 15% of the raw materials of beer.

3.Wheat malt, as an accessory, brewed beer is generally mixed with only 5% to 10% of the dissolved wheat malt, in order to improve the beer's mellow and foam properties.

With the improvement of quality of life and the advancement of science and technology, people gradually pursue small, light operate equipment, micro brewery meet the needs of the times.

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