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Micro Beer Brewing Equipment Status

Jan. 13, 2020

The development process of each industry is the process of refining and deepening its various technical links, namely: winning by details. The rapid development of China's small beer brewing equipment in the past decade has marked the rapid transformation of China's beer equipment from quantity to quality. After the rapid development of the Micro Beer Brewing Equipment in China in the last century, it has entered a stage of gradual development.

Defined from the production capacity of the equipment: Generally, the beer production line with a production capacity of less than 2000 liters per batch is called a small beer brewing equipment. Depending on the purpose of use, Distillery Equipment can be broadly divided into four categories: Testing Brewery Equipment, teaching practice equipment, hotel brewing equipment and household brewing equipment.

In addition, we have produced 10HL three vessel brew house with 20HL hot water tank recently, and the heating method is steam. 

Based on different configuration, the brew house configuration is different. Generally divided into: two vessels, three vessels, four vessels and five vessels (with adjust cooler). 

Heating method can be: electric, steam or gas fired etc. 

Control level being confirmed as different capacity. 

Micro Beer Brewing Equipment

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