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Do you know some Anomalies in Beer Fermentation Tanks?

May. 15, 2020

During fermenting beer, in some cases, there will certainly be some uncommon phenomenon as below.

Beer Storage Tank

Beer Storage Tank

1. Air leakage.

Air leakage prevails sensation on Beer Storage Tank. If fermenter leak is confirmed not due to the fact that welding line, it is typically because of loosened link of accessories. For example, on top of fermenter, where placed safety valve, CIP cleansing pipeline. On beer electrical outlet as well as discharge port. Incorrect operation during beer enters into fermenter, fermenting and also draining pipes beer will certainly has danger of air leakage.

Option: Checking pressure scale frequently; cleansing safety valve; altering seals prompt

2. Beer freeze.

Freezing point is refer to temp that beer will certainly freeze. Freezing point of beer is depend on alcohol concentration and also wort gravity. Its calculation formula is as listed below:

t=-( N1x0.42+ N2x0.04 +0.2).

T-- Beer freezing point.

N1-- Alcohol concentration.

N2-- Original wort gravity.

Beer cold is usually result from 2 reasons. 1. Coolant temp is also reduced. 2. Improper layout of cooling down coat.

Solution: Control coolant temperature at -6 ~ -4 ℃; Do not place coolant inlet on low temp area of fermenter.

3. Unfavorable pressure of fermenter.

Negative stress is really unsafe on fermenter. It might lead to tanks damaged or tank unemployed. Generally, after beer is drained out of fermenter, there is still amount of CARBON DIOXIDE, if makers cleaning containers in this time using warm caustic, caustic will absorb CO2 immediately. And if makers flush container through cold water, the temp inside FV will minimize instantly. This 2 improper operation will certainly cause vacuum cleaner on fermenter. Nevertheless, if safety valve couldn't obtain adequate air in this time, fermenter is high threat of unhealthy.

Option: Draining every one of CARBON DIOXIDE prior to cleaning storage tanks as well as sparging fermenter for 10-20mins via tidy water initially.

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