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Beer-Related Proverbs In German

Jan. 13, 2020

There are many beer-related proverbs in German. For example, similar to English It’s no my cup of tea, there is a similar usage in German: Das ist nicht mein Bier (this is not my beer), indicating that this is not my favorite type. Bier auf Wein, dass lass sein, Wein auf Bier, dass rat ich dir. (Beer with red wine, persuade Jun Mo to drink it, red wine against beer, advised Jun Cup not stop). Der kluge Mensch, so glaubt es mir, der redet nicht und trinkt sein Bier. (Crazy people drink their own beer and talk less). The most common toast in Germany is Prost or Zum Wohl. Depending on the place, people in Bavaria also say Hopfen und Malz, ab in den Hals. and Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalt's! In Saxony, I have heard of Hast du Alkohol in der Blutbahn, bist du sexy wie ein Truthahn. ( When you have alcohol in your veins, you are as sexy as a cock) such strange toasts.

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