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How to Choose Chiller Options for a Small Brewery?

Feb. 14, 2020

A reasonable cooling framework is significant in a brewery works. In little bottling works, the cooling framework include: heat exchanger, glycol water tank, chiller. Now and again a chilly alcohol tank is likewise included for bottling works above 3000L. We have met a few clients that have inquiries regarding picking chillers, so here we clarify increasingly about the chillers contrast in a cooling framework.

Beer Yeast Storage Tank Manufacturer

Beer Yeast Storage Tank Manufacturer

Initially, how about we see a total cooling graph beneath:

1) The chillers cool the glycol water blend to around - 3°C.

2) The glycol water blend (- 3°C) cool the fermenters and cold alcohol tank through the cooling coat.

3) The cool alcohol tank cool the wort through single stage heat exchanger.

In above condition, which implies that the chiller just chill the fermenters and cold alcohol tank, here come two sorts of chillers to create the inception cooling vitality: Air-cooled chiller, and water-cooled chiller. At that point here are slight distinction for designing the cooling framework by means of utilizing various chillers.

Alternative 1: Air-cooled chiller in addition to an outside little glycol water tank.

Indeed, with the air-cooled type chiller, a glycol water tank is as yet required. Be that as it may, since it won't cool the wort and the fermenters don't devour a lot of cooling vitality, the glycol water tank can be little, for example, 300L-500L as the.

Alternative 2: Water-cooled chiller

Water-cooled chiller,this sort of chiller as of now incorporates a little glycol tank inside that is standardly mounted by the chiller provider.

This inward mounted glycol tank is likewise extremely little, for example, 150L-200L. With this sort of chiller, the outer glycol tank isn't required. So when you take a gander at the chiller from outside just, it appears that no glycol tank required, really a little glycol tank is inside the chiller, It is mainstream in certain distilleries in USA.

In the event that you utilize a similar glycol cooling framework to cool the wort and aging, the air-cooled chiller and huge glycol water tank is vital. The glycol water tank is ordinarily 2-3 times greater than pot.

On the off chance that you use have cold mountain water or cold alcohol to cool the wort, and utilize the glycol cooling framework to cool the aging just, at that point here come two choices:

1)Air-cooled chiller in addition to a little outer glycol water tank

2)Water-cooled chiller (it accompanies an inner glycol tank inside)

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