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A complete 1000L brewery system

Jan. 08, 2020

As the brewery equipment manufacturer, we will introduce the details of the 1000L brewery system.

Brew house:

Two vessel brew house: mash/lauter tank+ boiling/whirlpool tank,

Three vessel brew house: mash tank+ lauter tank+ boiling/whirlpool tank or mash/lauter tank+ boiling tank+ whirlpool tank. All stainless steel, pumps, valves etc all configured.

Feremnter: stainless steel, 1000L or 2000L effective volume, 2 batches brew for 2000L fermenter. With dimple plate cooling jacket, and polyurethane insulation, each tank can be controlled separately.

Cooling unit: ice liquor tank, glycol chiller and ice liquor pump.

Portable CIP unit: alkali tank and acid tank. Alkali tank being heated, installed on a small trolley.

Control unit: Manual/semi automatic/PLC control. (depends on customer preference).

If you also need Turnkey Brewery, Brewing Support Equipment etc. Welcome to contact us.

Brew house

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