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What is Dry Beer in the Beer Brewing Process?

Feb. 20, 2021

As a Beer Fermentation Tank Supplier, share with you.

The definition of modern dry investment:

Putting hops directly into the beer fermentation tank (whether in the main fermentation stage or the storage maturity period in the bright beer tank) is called the dry jump of the microbrewery.

Fermentation Tank

Fermentation Tank

A temperature higher than 85°C can help the α-acid in hops to be quickly converted into soluble iso-α-acids, which will give the beer a bitter taste, and will also lose a lot of aroma due to boiling and evaporation (hops essential oil has evaporated). Within 15-20 minutes). In a cool fermentation tank, the bitterin alpha acid of hops cannot be isomerized and dissolved in the beer, and the aroma substances slowly penetrate into the beer to provide the beer with additional hop aroma and flavor.

Granular hops are the first choice, although they can cause some turbidity (can be solved with a filter/hop bag), the smaller the particles, the easier the aroma is extracted. The full floral fragrance is protected by the hop glands and is difficult to extract; it is slower and absorbs a lot of wine.

Hop extracts in microbrewery, such as carbon dioxide extract, are also very suitable for cold processing of hops, that is, dry hops, but the distribution of the extracts after being dissolved in the brewery is not uniform.

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