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How Is Kettle Tun Heated In Beer Brewing Equipment

Jul. 12, 2022

Wort boiling is the most energy intensive operation in the brewery for beer brewing. Different kinds of heating method are using in beer brewing equipment, including direct-fire heated brew kettles, kettle tun with external heating jackets, with internal heating systems, and kettles with external wort boilers. As a brewery equipment supplier, Zeyu Machinery could do them in their beer brewing systems.

Direct-Fired Kettles

Traditionally, wort was boiled in direct-fired kettles, often made of copper. Now SUS304 is more common. In this kind of heating, the heat source is located at the bottom of the kettle, with exhaust system and energy recycle design, which is suitable for beer brewing equipment of around 500-1500L.

How Is Kettle Tun Heated In Beer Brewing Equipment


Kettles with External Wort Boilers

Many breweries have an external boiler outside of the kettle, sometimes called a calandria, through which wort is pumped. The most common type of external wort boiling system is the tube and shell heat exchanger system. These tubes provide an enormous surface area on which vapor bubbles can nucleate, and thus provides for excellent volitization.
In Zeyu Machinery, beer brewing equipment design, such heating method are all available for a kettle tun. The specifications can be customized according to the beer brewing requirements.

Kettles with External Heating Jackets

Kettles with heat jackets are very common in modern breweries. The heating jackets are installed around the vessel, or the jackets may be placed asymmetrically in order to encourage a rolling boil.

Kettles with Internal Heating Systems

The internal heating systems also called a calandria. It allowed for more efficient heat transfer and larger kettles for boiling larger volumes of wort. In many designs, the heaters are located in the center of the kettle to give a turbulent boil. The wort is heated by flowing upwards through the heating unit into a constricting tube (sometimes called a venturi tube) and emerges above the level of the wort striking a deflector plate.

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