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2000L Brewery System Installed In Romania

Nov. 07, 2018

Now we are installing one 2000L Brewery System in Romania,the basic configuration is as below:

1. Milling unit:malt mill,flexi auger,grist hopper,grist hydrator.

2. Brewhouse unit: 20Hl mash/kettle tun, 20Hl lauter tun, 20HL whirlpool tun, steam heating, automatic

                 Steam valve control.

                 5000L hot water tank, 3500L cold water tank.

3. Fermentation unit: 12X 4000L Fermenter, 3X 2000L fermenters,2X 2000L brite tank.

4. Cooling system: 8000L glycol water tank+2X15hp chiller.

5. CIP system:150L CIP with trolley.

6. Control system: PLC control with two touch screens.

7. Double heads keg washer,

Single head keg filler.

Candle filter machine,membrane filter machine.

2000L Brewery System

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