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Four Raw Materials of Beer Brewing Equipment

Jan. 08, 2020

Beer brewing equipment is used to produce beer, equipment can be divided into brewing beer equipment, micro beer equipment, home beer equipment. Their raw materials are similar, what are the raw materials?

The four raw materials of beer equipment is malt, hops, yeast, water. General malt is the use of well-established malt in Australia, North America, and European barley; The function of the hops is to give the beer flavor and refreshing bitterness, enhance the beer bubble and stability, and wort azeotropy can promote protein coagulation, is conducive to clarification, enhance the protection of wort and beer; More than 90% of the beer is water and water plays a very important role in the brewing process. In the brewing process, the yeast is a magician, produce alcohol, carbon dioxide and other micro-fermentation products. High quality raw materials can ensure that the beer refreshing mellow.

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