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Upgraded Wine Fermentation Tank

Jan. 13, 2020

Mechanical mixing fermentation tank uses mechanical agitator role, so that the air and fermentation of liquid mixed, broth oxygen to dissolve in the fermentation, to ensure the supply of microbial growth and reproduction. Wine fermentation tank has some basic requirements. 

1.beer fermentation tank structure is tight, can withstand the repeated sterilization of steam, it has good corrosion resistance;

2.It has a good gas-liquid-solid contact and mixing performance and efficient heat, efficient heat, mass, momentum transfer performance;

3.Under the premise of maintaining the biological response requirements, reduce the energy consumption of fermentation tanks;

4.have good heat exchange performance to maintain the optimum temperature for biological reactions;

5.fermentation tank should have feasible piping ratio and control instrument, suitable for sterilization and automation control.

Our fermenters are with dimple glycol jacket, has better cooling effect. With argon arc welding, all welding joints have been polished well.

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