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Beer Fermentation Process Has Four Stages

Jan. 13, 2020

Beer fermentation is low temperature fermentation, the fermentation process must be timely discharge of heat, the fermentation broth down to the process requirements. Although the fermentation process is varied, the fermentation process has four stages:

1.After inoculation, the temperature is raised to the diacetyl reduction temperature. This section of hypoglycemic violent, resulting in a part of the heat to be drained, the other part of their own temperature. 1kg sugar fermentation will produce 587 heat resistance.

2.Constant temperature stage. Hypoglycemic heat generated by all away.

3.Double acetylation reduction thoroughly after rapid cooling to the post-fermentation temperature. At this time in addition to hypoglycemic need cold, while cooling requires more energy. Specifically, the diacetyl reduction to 0.2mg / L, 72h down to a l ~ 2 ℃.

4.After the fermentation stage, a small amount of sugar to be decomposed to produce heat.

Beer Fermentation Tank

Beer Fermentation Tank

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