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What Does A Turnkey Brewery Project Involve?

Nov. 03, 2021

Getting into the brewing industry as a newbie could be quite demanding, owing to its complexity and the prevalent competition in the global market. So if you are planning to open Brewery Plants, you need to know:

Turnkey Breweries are comprised of several key pieces of Turnkey Brewery Equipment. The mash tun, lauter tun, brew kettle, and whirlpool, in the hands of a skilled brewmaster, convert grain that has been milled through a specialty grain mill, into a sweet liquid called “wort”.  Wort is then fermented and finished in specialized beer tanks called fermenters, lagering tanks and brite tanks.

The brewhouse is both the heart and engine of the brewery where several critical processes in the creation of craft beer and kombucha are performed. Turnkey breweries, along with other key pieces of brewing equipment, vary in capacity, features, and complexity, but all brewhouses share the need to wet grain, separate the wort from the grain, and boil the wort with a heating source.

Turnkey Brewery Equipment 1

As a turnkey brewery equipment manufacture, I will tell you the turnkey brewery project in this article.

Required Facilities and Equipment

1. Brewhouse

A brewhouse is a civil facility housing your brewing equipment, and of course, the first item to fix. For top-notch functionality, your building space should meet some requirements. You can employ specialists to take it up, but it’s all good if you want to handle the construction yourself. If you are erecting it yourself, it is best to have it before inviting technicians, maybe NDL craft or your chosen specialist. Below are the basic parameters that should be considered in your design and construction: Floor Space,Ceiling height,Utilities,Finishes and Drainage.

2. Fermenters

Fermenters are essential to the brewing process. Like the brewhouse, there are basic requirements that must be considered while designing and constructing them. To start with, what are they? They are purpose-made barrels or tanks used for fermenting malt into beer. Occasionally, they are referred to as Fermentation Vessels. By and large, there are about seven types of fermenters that could be used in a brewery depending on the need in a brewery plant. However, they all function as bioreactors to manage the environment while growing microorganisms and cultured cells.

3. Pumps

Pumps are required to convey liquids during the production process. Mainly, two types of pumps are used in the brewery industry. The first category is the sanitary centrifugal pump, which is purpose-made to transport liquids with minute solid materials at a relatively lower pressure than the other category. Centrifugal pumps have several variants, including the submersible, open impeller, multi-stage, and liquid ring. Positive displacement is the other category. On the other hand, it is used to transport viscous liquids used in the production process, like yeast.

Turnkey Brewery Equipment 2.jpg


Now you have a checklist to use for your turnkey brewery project. But be sure to procure the equipment with adequate consideration of your anticipated production capacity.For more information and help, please contact us. We have Turnkey Brewery System, and we ZYBREW focus on micro brewery project design, production, installation and commissioning.

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