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20HL Brew House

Nov. 28, 2017

We have a 20hl brew house for sale now. It is totally new system just finished in our workshop, totally new condition.

The basic configuration as below: 

Mill: 800kg/h malt mill+conveyor

Brew house: 20HL mash tun + Lauter tun + kettle/whirlpool tank + HLT

Cellar: 6*20HL Fermenter+1*20HL BBT

300L CIP unit, with alkali tank + acid tank + Sterilize tank. 

We were planning to use this system for showing in our company, but we are also thinking about to sell the plant to anybody who is interested in expanding his brewery or set up new brewery. 

Everything could be ready for shipment very soon. Pictures attached for reference. 

If you are interested, just sent e-mail to info@zybrew.beer 

Or visit our website for any possible contact way. 


20HL Brew House

20HL Brew House

20HL Brew House

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