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Talking about The Brewing Process of Beer Equipment

Jan. 11, 2020

Brewing process of beer equipment is divided into saccharification and fermentation. Wort manufacturing is that solid malt, non-cereal malt, hops and water are modulated and processed into transparent wort. Wort manufacturing includes pulverized raw materials, filtration of saccharification and mash, mixed and boiled hops wort, wort treatment and other physical, chemical, biochemical processes. Beer fermentation relies on pure brewer's yeast. Wort go through a series of metabolic processes to produce ethanol and other flavor compounds, constitute a unique flavor drink wine.

From the production process, raw material utilization decided to the preparation of wort, therefore, the preparation of wort is very important, such as malt mill. Saccharification process is mainly to make high-molecular substances and their decomposition products decompose and dissolve in water, through a variety of hydrolases,as well as water and thermal effects.

For now, the wort yield is an important economic and technical indicators in beer production, but also is an important indicator to test the quality of the brewing equipment.

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