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How to Use The Beer Brewing Equipment Safely?

Apr. 28, 2018

Beer brewing equipment is important equipment during beer production, safe use of beer brewing equipment is also important. Here we introduce the precautions of use.

When the voltage is too low or fluctuations are larger, equipment should be shut down, after the device to be normal operation, we can boot the device. When we handle host, we should cut off the power and non-tilt. At the end of the sale of wine per day, we need cut off the power, turn off the carbon dioxide cylinder valve and cycles gauge adjustment knob.

Beer brewing equipment should be checked the water level and water quality in the tank every 15 days during normal use, regular cleaning liquor pipe, water should not be spilled on the motor during changing the water and cleaning process. Condenser inlet and outlet can not be obstructed, regularly check the condenser fins, to ensure good ventilation. The distributor and wine head of beer brewing equipment should be cleaned regularly, the rubber seal ring is soaked for 5 minutes with warm water of about 50 degrees to maintain elasticity.

For safe, convenient and efficient work in the installation and use, we need to follow these precautions.

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