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What Is Special Feature about The Home Brewery Equipment?

Jan. 11, 2020

Home brewery equipment is one of micro brewery equipment, its size is smaller, the structure is simple and reasonable, it is also more convenient to use, currently used for hotels, restaurants, canteens, bars, etc., has been recognized and favored by the majority of people, we take a look at special feature about microbrewery equipment.

Small home brewing equipment is made of energy-saving steamer and brewery equipment connected with the cooler, alcohol meter and connecting pipes. Among them, there are distillation plate and acess wine plate in cooler, below the acess wine plate has a received board. Outside the cooling tank, by adding water communicating with a wine cooler, receiving wine tank by cold wine cooling tank first liquor pipe and wine cooler inner tube communicating. Wine cooler is mounted on the outside of made tanks, cold wine tube connect with measuring wine tube, measuring wine tube has alcohol meter, top side of the test wine tube has second liquor tube.

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