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The Reasons of Turbid Beer

Apr. 28, 2018

Some novice brewed beer will find themselves wine out of the beer is turbid, the problem is beer brewing equipment or brewing techniques.

In the process of the brewing beer, the main reason for turbidity is the malt protein decomposition. The major material changes are decomposition of starch, protein decomposition, the decomposition of sugar during mashing. These materials constitute the main component of our beer.

Amylolytic is the most important enzymatic reactions in saccharification process, it will affect the cost of production of beer, but also related to the quality of beer.

The decomposition of protein, different protein breakdown mainly carried out in the germination process, protein degradation played a major modification in glycated process. This series of processes can affect the beer fermentation and refreshing degree. Protein polymer can improve beer palatability, enhanced foam properties of beer. Too much polymer protein can also reduce biological stability of beer, resulting in turbid beer.

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