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A Brief History of The Beer Industry

Apr. 28, 2018

China is one of oldest countries to vintage used grain as raw material. As early as 5000 years ago, our ancestors have been able to brewing the "Li Jiu", but the wine has high sugar, low alcohol content, unfavorable storage. Thus, China is also an important birthplace of beer.

Until the 19th century, the industrial production process of brewing technology was spread to China from the West, and gradually descended, some brewery came into being. In recent years, China's beer increased at the rate of more than 100 million liters per year, in 2002, China has become the world's largest national beer output, reached 2386.83 million liters. Micro or mini brewery equipment market demand is growing.

We are integrated factory to offer home brewery, micro brewery, pub brewery and beer brewing equipment.

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