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Beer Equipment Cleaning And Sterilization Technologies

Nov. 28, 2017

Cleaning and sterilization of beer brewing equipment is the most critical technical measures to improve the quality of spilled beer. Therefore, in the beer production process, in addition to taking the right production technology, the device must be cleaned properly and timely and disinfected regularly.

Ferment Tanks

Beer production process come into contact with major equipment, including saccharification pot, pasting pot, boiling pot, wort transition machine or filter tank, ferment tanks, wort coolers, beer transition machine, beer pipelines, filling machines, and various pipe fittings used in production and so on.

Cleaning is to remove the dirt on the tank, piping and equipment surfaces. If sterilization is not thorough, dirt remained in the inner wall of the device and microorganisms would weaken the role of fungicides. Yeast and protein impurities, hops and hop resin compound will be deposited on the inner wall of the device due to static and other factors, which makes equipment surfaces become rough, and provide shelter for microbial growth. During washing, we must remove microbial colonies. Because fungicides are suitable for surface sterilization, it has small effect on internal viable bacteria, likely to cause pollution again. So we should do regular cleaning and sterilization.

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