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Beer Brewing Water Should Be Sterilized

Jan. 11, 2020

In order to ensure the purity of beer, we should do some treatment with water before brewing beer. Beer brewing water can be sterilized using ozone sterilization. At room temperature, ozone (O3) is a gas with a characteristic odor, has strong oxidation capacity, nascent oxygen (O) can oxidize organic matter in water, destroy microbial protoplasm to kill microorganisms, but also to destroy microbial spores and viruses.

This approach has many advantages, bactericidal effect is significant, remove the water color, turbidity and odor, and no other substance. But it has some shortcoming, such as the cost of purchase of equipment is higher, prone to corrosion problems. So we should pay attention to the amount of ozone and sterilization time.

For the brewing equipment, we can offer keg washing machine.

Keg Washing Machine

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