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Brewed Beer Equipment Swept The Entire Restaurant Industry

Aug. 16, 2016

In hot summer, beer is a refreshing essential drinks. August 14, the reporter visited and found that people often go to summer barbecue restaurant due to they introduced the "home-brewed beer" , brewed beer equipment consists of large and small storage tank. Some barbecue staff briefed reporters, brewed beer raw materials are mainly purchased from overseas, mainly are malt and hops, the production cycle is generally two weeks. A brewed beer equipment is generally about several hundred thousand dollars. During the interview, several staff members said the beer is drink when brewed, the production process does not use any chemical additives, taste is more fresh than bottled beer, many diners are very fond of this home-brewed beer.

How to brew beer? There are the process, after crushing the malt, placed malt into the mash kettle saccharification, then filtered, cooling and fermentation, after completion of the fermentation, temperature was lowered, filled with carbon dioxide then we can drink. Usually brewed beer production cycle in 12-15 days.

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