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Beer Brewing Equipment Cooling System

Jan. 13, 2020

We all know that beer produced by beer brewing equipment contain a certain amount of active yeast, under certain conditions, the activity of the yeast will be secondary fermentation, save beer requires some necessary conditions, according to the characteristics of beer to determine the specific conditions.

1.Brewing equipment stored protoplasmic beer in strict accordance with the production time, product type, then carry out disinfection to storage, it must not be placed in cold storage too long.

2.Protoplasmic beer temperature requirements are more stringent, cold storage temperature must be appropriate and can have a certain extent.

3.Ventilation is also critical.

4.Protoplasmic Beer not directly on the open-air environment, try to avoid direct sunlight and rain.

Cooling system is the indispensable part of beer brewing equipment, master refrigeration equipment furnished points, select correct process pipe diameter, give full play to the equipment cooling capacity, refrigeration coordinated operation with the cooling system, it is an important part to ensure the quality and yield.

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