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How to Control The Temperature of Beer Fermentation?

Jan. 11, 2020

Micro brewery in the brewing process divided into the following process: making wheat, fermentation and brewing wine. Fermentation is one of the most complex process, divided into pre-fermentation and post-fermentation.

With the high-speed operation of the beer filling machinery, the beer industry can produce in large quantities, the high accuracy of the filling volume prevent the phenomenon of beer industry waste, and stainless steel or non-toxic material can ensure that the filling machine is efficient and safe, bring us more security of the beer. 

The main fermentation tank hypoglycemic is the most concerned about the problem,  in addition to hypoglycemic speed is too fast, will lead to the fermentation liquid temperature is difficult to control. Cooling rate is too large, will lead to premature settlement of yeast, affecting the late hypoglycemic. So we should control the suitable temperature.

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