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Precautions in the Use of Beer Equipment

Jan. 13, 2020

First, crushing system of the overall equipment, use the correct crushing method, malt can not be too wet, so that the grinder disc more viscous material, after each crushing, clean up the disc impurities. When we get on normal operation, if the mill sticky thick material, after cleaning up then crushed.

Second, the saccharification system: Heating attention to water to diffuse through the heating tube or heating wall. When the filter is difficult to filter, loosen the layer of wheat waste, and then start the blender, do not hard start stirring appliances. Wort pump can not open the smaller valve, easy lead to motor burning. After the operation to the appearance of cleaning, dirt for a long time, can not scrub with hard objects, so as not to damage the tank wall.

Third, the fermentation system: we should pay attention to the wine fermentation tank pressure requirements, not over-pressure operation. When cooling, can not cool down rapidly, resulting in internal icing. Fermentation tank wall should be cleaned regularly.

Fourth, the beer cooling system: in the case of does not affect heat, covered with tarpaulin. When using the medium temperature machine, water temperature changes should be controlled in a reasonable range.

Fifth, control system: ensure that the voltage within the normal range, the voltage can not be too large, once the electrical components damaged, should be replaced immediately.

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