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Brew House Installed In North Europe

Jan. 11, 2020

This is a 2000L brewery system we installed in North Europe market in 2018, 

the basic configuration is as below:

1. Milling unit: malt mill, flexi auger, grist hopper, grist hydrator.

2. The Brew House is Just Two vessels Including mash tun&lauter tun and kettle&whirlpool tun. 20Hl mash tun, 20Hl lauter tun, 20HL kettle/whirlpool tun, steam heating, 4000L hot water tank.

3. Fermenter Unitank : 4X4000L fermenters, 3X2000L fermenters, 1X 2000L brite tank.

4. Cooling system: 4000L glycol water tank+15hp chiller.

5. Control system: PLC control with two touch screens.

We are not only Brew House Manufacturers, also a Chinese craft beer culture disseminator and brewery turn-key solution provider.

Zeyu Machinery is One of Asia high-end craft brewery equipment manufacturer, and we have the most professional design and manufacturing team. 

Now we have created own distinctive brewery equipment product system, also there'll be 2-3 brand new products to advertise each year.

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