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Introduce You To Our 10BBL Fermenter

Jan. 11, 2020

Our 10BBL Fermenter includes a 3mm stainless steel interior wall thickness plus a 2mm thick stainless steel outer wall depth. We utilize tri clamp fittings on all ports including the glycol vents rather than threaded fittings to decrease wear on the vents. By employing tri clamp fittings rather than threaded ports you do not need to worry about harmful threads and needing to employ a costly TIG welder to fix something which shouldn't neglect in the first location. The interior of the Fermenter Unitank is polished into a 2n sanitary end to get serious cleanliness. When it is simpler it hastens less possible bacteria so we carry it into the pharmaceutical grade. We made all our fermenters with this exact same door for ease of cleaning, there's not any overhang within the fermenter for substance to hang on speeding up the cleaning procedure.

If you need a Storage Tank we also can provide them, please contact us directly for more information. 

10BBL Fermenter

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