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Feature Description:

The unitanks are for beer fermentation and storage, fermentation finished and beer to be stored in the same tank, with carbonation stone for making beer carbonation for serving or filling.

Inside surface to be passivated. All fittings installed with tanks using top brand in China or famous brand from other countries. The tank working pressure up to 3bar to fit the requirement of carbonation when necessary.

Capacity range: 5HL-200HL or 5BBL-200BBL, or customized


● Domed top and cone bottom cone, cone angle: 60 degree

● With 25% head space for fermenation

● Wall thickness: 3-5mm, depending on tank size

● Pressure: 2-3 bar / 15-30PSI

● Dimple plate cooling jacket, cylinder and bottom cooled, Polyurethane insulation

● Four adjustable legs, with leg bolts

● Diaphragm pressure gauge with CIP arm

● Top: with CIP arm, breathe valve, optional dry hopping port (optional), optional top manway

● Cylinder: Glycol inlet / oulet, side manway, PT100 / 200, sample valve, level tube (optional)

● Bottom: Racking arm (optional), bottom beer / yeast outlet, glycol inlet / outlet, carbonation stone


● PED certification

● Catwalks for bigger size tanks

● Kieseman bunging valve

● 4-6 ”dry hopping port

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