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Medium / Large Size Fermenter


Feature Description:

The large size fermenters below 200hl can be fabricated in our workshop, for bigger tanks, we send our engineering and production team out for onsite fabrication and installation.

The tanks fabrication use top glass stainless steel of SUS 304 or 304L, all fittings use world famous brand.

The piping manifold or piping corridor for concentrated and easy operation.

The catwalks to be installed on top for easier operation and inspection.

The bigger cellar part is well connected with the brewhouse, and other units like CIP, cooling etc. ZYBREW is doing this as part of the turnkey brewery project.

Capacity range: 100HL-1000HL or 100BBL-500BBL, or customized


● Domed top and cone bottom, cone angle: 60 degree, with bottom cellar room or leg support

● With 25% head space for fermenation

● Pressure: 2-3 bar / 15-30PSI

● Dimple plate cooling jacket, cylinder and bottom cooled, Polyurethane insulation

● Four adjustable legs, or bank bottom basis for supporting tanks

● Inside stainless steel, outer stainless steel cladding or others

● All with fixed piping for the whole cellar units


● Catwalks for bigger size tanks

● Piping corridor or manifold

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