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Bright Beer Tank


Bright Beer Tank Feature:

The bright beer tanks made by ZYBREW use top-class stainless steel, can be SUS304, and surface treatment can be 2B or precise polish or mirror polished. All fittings installed with tanks using top brand in China or brand from Germany or other countries. The inside surface is passivated before shipment, to make sure the tank surface fits normal beer requests well.

Bright beer tank is single-layer fabricated, which will be installed in cold room.

A Bright Beer Tank is a vessel used in the brewery to hold the finished beer before it is packaged or served. The term "bright" refers to the clarity of the beer, which is typically bright and clear after it has been filtered and carbonated.

The bright tank is typically used as a holding and serving tank for draft beer, which is dispensed from kegs or directly from the tank. It is also used to store beer that will be bottled or canned later. The bright tank is usually equipped with a carbon dioxide (CO2) system to maintain the proper level of carbonation in the beer, as well as a temperature control system to keep the beer at the proper serving temperature.

The bright tank is usually made of stainless steel and is designed to be fully sanitary to prevent contamination of the beer. It typically has a conical bottom to allow for easy separation of sediment, and may also have a cooling jacket to keep the beer at the proper temperature. Contact us.

Capacity range: 5HL-300HL or 5BBL-300BBL


● Domed top and bottom

● With 10-20% head space for Beer storage

● Wall thickness: 3-5mm, depending on tank size

● Pressure: 2-3 bar / 15-30PSI

● Dimple plate cooling jacket on cylinder, Polyurethane insulation, thickness: 80-100mm

● Four adjustable legs, with leg bolts

● Diaphragm pressure gauge with CIP arm

● Top: with CIP arm, breathe valve, optional dry hopping port

● Cylinder: Glycol inlet / oulet, side manway, PT100 / 200, sample valve, level tube (optional)

● Bottom: bottom beer / yeast outlet


● PED certification

● Kieseman bunging valve

● Side or top manway

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