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Stack Fermenter / Unitanks


Feature Description

The stacked fermenters are mainly used for the brewpubs or the smaller brewery which has no big space. Installing such fermentation tanks in brewpubs also makes the decoration better.

The tanks are well designed and precisely positioned to make sure we have all tanks well fitted in the building.

All tanks are to be passivated before shipment, all fittings and necessary lines like glycol etc pre-assembled for testing, which lowers the labor and material cost on site.

Stackable Fermenter

Make the most of your brewery's vertical space! Our stackable barrel fermenters are ideal for breweries and microbreweries with limited space, or for breweries that simply want to ferment different types of beer at the same time.

The features that really set the Stackable Fermenter apart from other fermenters are the stacking during fermentation or the included swivel stand arm and ball valve faucet assembly. What other fermenters are on the market that allows you to stack one fermenter on top of another?

Have you always dreamed of opening your own brewery? We've built hundreds of breweries around the world, and our team of experienced brewery design consultants is the most dedicated in the industry. 

Already have a microbrewery? With our state-of-the-art brewing equipment and team of experienced beer experts, we can help you take your business to the next level. Whether it's building a wine cellar, launching a pilot system or automating controls, we can help.

Capacity range: 3HL-10HL or 3BBL-10BBL, or customized


● Domed top and cone bottom cone, cone angle: 60-90 degree

● With 25% head space for fermenation

● Wall thickness: 3mm

● Pressure: 2-3 bar / 15-30PSI

● Dimple plate cooling jacket, cylinder and bottom cooled, Polyurethane insulation

● Four adjustable legs, with leg bolts, upper tanks installed on top of lower tank with flange

● Diaphragm pressure gauge with CIP arm for each tank

● Top: with CIP arm, breathe valve, optional dry hopping port (optional),

● Cylinder: Glycol inlet / oulet, side manway, PT100, sample valve, level tube (optional), side manway

● Bottom: Racking arm or bottom beer / yeast outlet


● PED certification

● Kieseman bunging valve

● Carbonation stone

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