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What Is The Process Of Beer Filtration?

Feb. 05, 2021

First, the beer is going to be fermented. After fermentation, a small amount of coagulum such as yeast, the protein is suspended in the liquor, causing the beer to become cloudy during storage, then it must be removed by a filtration process. During the filtration process, the clarified filter paperboard is used with the diatomite frame. The basic steps are a series of steps such as pre-coating---filtration---discharging---cleaning---sterilization. If you are still filtering the worry for beer, you can contact us and we can provide you with a Filtration Unit to help you solve the problem of beer filtration. We are also 30L Home Brewing Manufacturer. This is 5BBL brewery system for our Canada client. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us.

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