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Basic Steps for Brewing Beer with Beer Equipment

Jan. 14, 2020

Producing high-quality beer is a matter of great concern to every beer manufacturer. Today, Beer Filtration Unit Factory will give you a detailed explanation of the basic steps of brewing beer in beer equipment, so that you have a clearer understanding of brewing beer.

Saccharification process: comminution of raw materials - saccharification (gelatinization) - wort filtration - wort boiling (with hops) - cooling

Fermentation Process: Fermentation with Fermenter Home Brewing (except yeast) - Filter Wine

Filling process: washing bottle - bottle inspection - filling wine - sterilization - labeling code - packing and storage

1. Selected barley: All selected high quality imported Australian wheat.

2. Soak the wheat: increase the moisture content of the barley and remove dust, debris, microorganisms, and other harmful substances.

3. Germination: Various enzymes are formed in the wheat grains, and some high molecular substances such as starch, protein, and hemicellulose are decomposed to meet the needs of saccharification.

4. Drying and Peeling: Remove the moisture in the malt, prevent the spoilage of the malt, and facilitate the storage. At the same time, remove the raw smell of the malt, produce the color, aroma, and taste of the malt, stop the growth of the green malt and the decomposition of the enzyme.

Fermenter Home Brewing

Fermenter Home Brewing

5. Root removal: Root buds have strong hygroscopicity, easy to absorb water and rot during storage. Root buds have bad bitterness, which will destroy the taste and color of the beer, so roots should be removed.

6. Smashing of raw materials: After the raw materials are pulverized, the specific surface area is increased, and the soluble substances are easily leached, which is beneficial to the action of the enzyme and further decomposes the insoluble substances of the malt.

7. Saccharification: The insoluble polymer substance in the malt and the dressing is decomposed into a soluble low molecular substance by using a hydrolase in the malt.

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