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Beer Equipment Purchase Details

Jan. 14, 2020

How to choose a small and cost-effective small beer equipment? Beer Brew Equipment to tell you about the details of beer equipment purchase: look at the material used by Pub Brewery Equipment, look at the control system of beer equipment, see the welding process and polishing details of beer equipment, and see the supporting services of beer equipment suppliers. The beer equipment and prices in the market are varied, but in this case, if you choose the beer equipment that is suitable for you and has a high cost performance, there are mainly the following aspects.

1. Look at the material used by Pub Brewery Equipment (it must be food grade 304 stainless steel)

This is very important.

2. View beer equipment welding process and details

A good technical welding engineer, after many years of welding process training, welding technology and welder technology is very good. If the welding is not good, it will cause the saccharification system of the uneven beer equipment and the inner wall of the fermentation system to be smeared when the welding point is polished later. When the wine is washed, the fermenter and the saccharification tank are very troublesome, and it is easy to breed bacteria.

Home Brewery Equipment

Home Brewery Equipment

3. Look at the control system of beer equipment

A control system for Home Brewery Equipment is similar to the human brain, which is also very important. Pure manual and fully automatic equipment can double in price. In Germany, a small beer machine worth 1 million, its control system can account for 600,000, so it is enough to see the importance of a control system.

4. Look at the services of beer equipment suppliers

Our company sells not only products, but also service concepts and marketing experience.

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