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How to brew good wine, the choice of brewing equipment is the key?

Jan. 08, 2020

As a Beer Brewing Equipment Supplier, I want to tell you that the choice of brewing equipment is the key. A long time ago, there was such a saying: "When a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his weapon." It means that if a person wants to do things well and do a good job, he should prepare the tools and do a good job. ready. For example, if we go up the mountain to cut wood, we should choose a sharp and durable axe, so that we can cut a bundle of firewood in a half day, and if we choose a bad axe, it is likely to have half a bundle of firewood in one day. Can't cut it. Therefore, the choice of tools often determines whether doing things can “do more with less”, or can only “do more with less.”

Brew House Equipment

Brew House Equipment

For winemaking, the tool is Brew House Equipment. In the same way, what kind of brewing equipment to choose is directly related to whether you can make good wine and whether you can make a good business.

We know that most of the traditional winemaking uses backward equipment such as iron pots and rafts. The wine production rate is low, the quality of the wine is not guaranteed, and the cost is high. If we adopt such traditional equipment, not only the profit is not guaranteed, but also it is not competitive in the process of competing with the local traditional masters. It is like a person who just learned to punch and fight with the boxing champion, it is impossible to win, but if Give him a dagger, can his odds increase greatly?

With the rapid development of science and technology, the winemaking technology and equipment are constantly being innovated and improved. The new technology of our company, 20HL Micro Brewery is the latest and most advanced brewing equipment technology. It is fully functional and plays a multiplier role in winemaking. The effect is a competitive "dagger". What are the specific advantages, let's take a look:

First, the material of the device.

The main parts of a mechanical brewing equipment are all made of standard 8K304 stainless steel. The equipment is welded very fine, resistant to acid and alkali, high temperature, safe to use, high quality and long service life.

Second, the equipment structure.

Adjustable lid for alcohol. A mechanical brewing equipment is equipped with an adjustable pot lid, which not only can adjust the degree of alcohol, but also can filter and remove the impurities and promote the aroma of Chen; and the double-layer structure of the adjustable pot lid can also regulate the wine. Degree, re-steaming effect, improve quality.

Good cooling and sealing properties. The special cooler unit has an increased cooling area to improve the cooling effect, and the good sealing property makes the wine steam not exposed, which ensures the output.

The string steamer can steam different wines with different food strings to solve the millennium problem that is difficult to adjust.

In addition, the brewing machinery brewing equipment has an energy-saving design on the bottom of the pot, which greatly reduces fuel consumption and saves production costs. The equipment has 9 types of 32 kinds of conventional equipment, which can choose the most suitable brewing equipment according to different needs and different investment capabilities.

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