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What is the relationship between Home Brewery equipment and the development of Luzhou-flavor liquor?

Dec. 25, 2019

  Brew House Equipment is a study of the balance of body structure. From a research perspective, the ingredients of liquor are mainly water, ethanol, skeleton components and trace components. We have established a body of wine with the theory of "size and molecular balance, acid ester material balance, balance of flavor and substance, balance of base wine and old-fashioned structure, micro-ecological brewing microbial balance, diversification index and health index balance". Structure balance system to further improve product quality.

  1.2 Around the experience side

  Guided by the needs of consumers, it realizes “feeling, remembering, and spreading” in the process of experience.

  Brew House Equipment is a study of the comfort of drinking. Comfort during drinking, that is, the comprehensive feeling of body color, aroma and taste when drinking, and the impact on the digestive system. In our previous research, we found that the soft liquor is rich in hair micro-ingredients, and through competitive inhibition of alcohol during digestion and absorption, it not only gives you a soft, mellow and smooth feeling, but also stimulates the stomach and intestinal fluid. Secretion, regulation of the micro-environment of the intestinal flora, protection of the stomach, intestinal mucosa from stimulation and injury, is conducive to the protection of the mouth, stomach, intestines and other parts, very friendly to the digestive system.

Home Brewery equipment

Home Brewery equipment

  Home Brewery equipment is a study of post-drinking comfort. Comfort after drinking, the physiological reaction after drinking, not on the head, not dry mouth, fast hangover, is a comfortable wine for the health of consumers. We will conduct research on the effects of soft liquor on the circulatory system to reveal its health mechanism. After drinking, the soft liquor will enter the circulatory system such as blood and liver. The healthy substances in the wine will increase the activity of a series of metabolic enzymes in ethanol, remove free radicals from the metabolism of toxins and alcohol in the blood, purify blood vessels and promote blood circulation. Increase blood vessel elasticity, accelerate the metabolic decomposition of alcohol, and quickly hangover, thus effectively protecting the circulatory system such as liver, blood vessels and heart and brain tissue.

  Brew House Equipment is a long-term drinking comfort. Long-term drinking has an effect on our immune system. Taking alcoholic people as the research object, through long-term follow-up and big data analysis, the relationship between liquor and health was studied in depth, and various core indicators related to health were identified to clarify the health characteristics of long-term drinking of liquor. Some biologically active substances in the soft liquor, such as nucleosides and flavonoids, are consumed by the body for a long time, and are absorbed and absorbed by the human body. Under the cumulative effect, the body can resist oxidation, balance the body, delay aging, and activate the human body. Immune vitality.

  2 Activate the new value of Luzhou-flavor liquor

  With the development of the times, Luzhou-flavor liquor must give new meaning. To further explore the value of Luzhou-flavor liquor, consumers should fully understand these values and make Luzhou-flavor liquor the first choice for consumers.

  2.1 The process is more natural

  The strong performance of natural, microbial and brewing in Luzhou-flavor liquor truly reflects the natural brewing concept of environmental ecology, production area ecology and Dianchi ecology.

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