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What is the Reason to Drink Beer Instead of Wine with Steak?

Oct. 28, 2020

As a Medium Craft Brewery Manufacturer, share with you.

Perhaps it is the increasing popularity of craft beer, the fact that my partner is an aspiring hop grower and brewer, or the simple fact that I am a millennial, but when I need to choose, I always choose beer over wine.

I think you should cork your wine instead of drinking beer at steak dinner. Although it is more traditional to use rib-eye cabernet sauvignon and filet mignon with burgundy burgundy wine, I would rather rinse the grilled steak with cold beer.

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This is the biggest reason you should try this unconventional pairing.

1. Each steak has a glass of beer.

There are almost countless kinds of beer, from stout stout to mild beer to sour rumbi. There are many kinds, no matter what kind of steak you cook, you can find a beer to match. Try grilling steak with grilled stout beer, pairing porters with porters, or tasting red beer when making steaks.

2. Drink beer every season.

The brewer’s recipes are very creative, especially when it comes to seasonal beer. Citrus is infused in the summer choices, while the winter is full of spices. Although there are many combinations that shouldn't be made, seasonal choices can turn your steak dinner into a delicacy suitable for the weather.

3. The bitterness of beer balances the fat of the steak.

Sirloin steak, flat iron, rib-eye steak and other marbled steaks are famous for their fatty, strong beef flavor, but if you have bitten into thick slices of meat yourself, you will find that all these rich flavors may be unfamiliar Taken. That is the source of beer. A light beer with a higher IBU hop beer is very suitable for chopped steak fat. When your taste buds are filled with the meaty taste of the meal, the beer acts like a referee, exuding the taste of steak and minimizing fat.

4. Beer is very cold; your steak is very hot.

Nothing can satisfy the taste buds like a juicy steak on the grill, that is, until you chase that hot piece of meat with a sip of beer. This is a refreshing combination that cannot be reproduced even with chilled red wine.

5. Before each bite, carbonation can clear your palate.

Want to taste everything on your plate? The last steak? Drinking beer between bites can effectively clear the taste buds. The carbonation and natural bubbling of beer will scrub any lingering taste from your taste buds, which means that every time you bite, it will feel like the first time.

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