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What is the Optimal Temperature for Fermentation Homebrew?

Nov. 05, 2020

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Throughout the brewing process, the wort actually has a specific point at which it becomes beer. The process is fermentation. Until this step, your beer is still wort, and one of the keys to successful fermentation is the temperature of the wort.

To understand why the fermentation temperature is the key to creating beer, we have to step back and review the role of yeast. Yeast is the active ingredient that causes beer fermentation. No yeast, no beer. Beer is a living organism that is brewed to convert sugar from malted barley into ethanol. Yeast basically consumes sugar and gives off alcohol. This process is called fermentation.

Fermentation Tank

Fermentation Tank

Because yeast is a living organism, it needs an ideal environment to reproduce. If the environment is too cold, the yeast will enter a dormant state. If the wort gets too hot, the yeast will die.

Ideal fermentation temperature for beer

So what is the ideal fermentation temperature for beer? The ideal temperature is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the type of beer you make.

Out of the thousands of beers you might make, there are really only two major categories of beer. Lager and lager. Some people will believe that they can only brew lagers, even though they don't actually brew lagers. They often refer to beer by flavor, color, and aroma rather than by type of fermentation.

Lagers are fermented with "bottom-fermenting" yeast. Before fermentation, the beer is usually cooled to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This usually means extra equipment is needed to keep the fermented beer at a low temperature throughout the fermentation process.

Most newer brewers make beer with "top-fermenting" yeast. It is usually fermented at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the fermentation process.

To avoid the smell

Keeping the wort at these ideal temperatures is the easiest way to ensure a good beer is tasted. Although the heat kills the yeast, a more common problem is the development of odors. When the temperature reaches about 10 degrees Fahrenheit above the ideal temperature range, a hybrid alcohol is produced.

Fuel alcohol is a heavy alcohol with a strong solvent similar to that of beer. Therefore, be sure to cool the beer to an ideal temperature before fermenting.

In the summer, when the ambient temperature is high, problems usually arise, and it is usually enough to ferment the beer in the basement or cold room. However, in hotter areas, it may be necessary to use a temperature-controlled room or refrigerator to maintain the temperature. Keeping the ideal temperature during fermentation is a sure way to taste a good beer.

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